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BlackBerry Desktop is a program which will allow you to manage all the contents of the devices developed by RIM from Mac. Download BlackBerry Desktop free

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The BlackBerry smartphone devices by the Canadian company RIM are some of the most widespread all around the world, specially among youngsters. Therefore, it isn't at all strange that its developers are also offering their users a tool with which it will be possible to manage the contents of these devices from a computer: BlackBerry Desktop.

Manage your smartphone from your Mac

Thanks to BlackBerry Desktop Software the users will be able to synchronize part of the contents of their devices (whether a smartphone or a tablet) with the computer. Among the contents which the application allows you to synchronize you will find:

  • Calendar. It can combine the contents of the calendar with that of applications like Microsoft Entourage or iCal.
  • Contacts. To make sure no personal information is lost.
  • Notes.
  • Tasks. Allowing the user to always have a clear idea about what to do.

Additionally, BlackBerry Desktop also allows you to synchronize and manage multimedia contents to be able to move photos, videos and music between the device and the computer.

Last of all, BlackBerry Desktop includes a tool which allows to migrate all the information included on one device to another, something which is specially practical for those cases in which you change your phone.

Download BlackBerry Desktop for free to be able to manage the contents of your smartphone from your Mac.

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