Bloat Buster


After being used for a long time, your computer's performance might start deteriorating. Download Bloat Buster and you will be able to eliminate trash files

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As time goes by our computer's efficiency and performance is affected by the files that are left behind after an installation, the temporary files, a bad registry maintenance and the programs that haven't been uninstalled properly, among many other factors. Managing this manually can be a problem for anyone that isn't a computer expert, but know Bloat Buster makes it really easy.

  Bloat Buster calculates our computer's real efficiency and by means of an assisted process will allow us to regain the power that has been lost due to the computer's use. Eliminates all the unnecessary files, manages the programs that are launched with the operating system startup process, improves our system's configuration and shows us a list of the applications that can affect our computer's performance. All in a couple of clicks!

  Moreover, Bloat Buster performs a backup of our computer's current condition to restore it in case we aren't happy once the process that finished, and it also allows advanced users to configure the properties of each one of the process.

  Download Bloat Buster and recover some of that power that your computer has lost.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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