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With Blockchain you will have all the functions necessary to manage your Bitcoin payments. Using Blockchain is totally secure and doesn't have any fees

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The virtual Bitcoin currency is continuing to spread all over the world with many people starting to use it. If you're one of those who have decided to use Bitcoins to make payments and transactions, without worrying about governments and banks, you'll need Blockchain, the online application with which you can manage them.

Blockchain is Bitcoin's virtual banking site.

Blockchain can be used as a Bitcoin wallet to manage all your movements with this currency. You can use the web to make online payments anonymously and without commissions, and with total security as it uses the AES encryption protocol. Businesses from all over the world already use it, and it has important advantages such as the fact that it's impossible that any government or corporation can manage to block your account.

Features of Blockchain

  • Transactions without fees.
  • Deposits from bank account or mobile phone updated instantly.
  • Payment notifications by SMS and email.
  • Import and export private keys.
  • Manual and automatic backups.
  • Operations encrypted by means of the AES protocol.

Start using the virtual Bitcoin currency and manage all your operations with these coins thanks to Blockchain online.

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