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With Blue Lock you can block the computer each time you leave it unattended. Download Blue Lock for free and block your PC by means of a Bluetooth device

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We normally use the Bluetooth protocol to send information between one mobile phone and another, and to communicate our mobile phone with a hands-free headset. But this can be given another use if we have a Bluetooth adapter of our computer.

Blue Lock is an application that will allow us to configure a Bluetooth device, with the purpose that if the device moves far enough away from the PC, the computer will automatically block, which is really practical if we want to preserve our privacy.

Protect the privacy of your PC

How it works is really simple and Blue Lock will not require more than 5 minutes to be configured and start working. After opening the application, it will take a few seconds to find all the compatible devices that are within its range, once we configure ours, we will only have to accept, and from that same moment when we separate from our computer, it will block automatically.

Don't allow anybody to observe what you are doing on your computer while you aren't there, thanks to Blue Lock.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application must be launched with the maximum precaution, because it can block our computer if the devices haven't been configured in the appropriate way.
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Antony Peel
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