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Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner searches among Android applications that use the insecure OpenSSL libraries. Check if you're safe with Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner

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Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner will allow you to know if your Android is vulnerable to Heartbleed. Download this scanner to find out if you're still at risk.

A scanner to detect whether you're vulnerable to Heartbleed.

The Internet's major hole

A security flaw discovered in several of the versions 1.0.1 of the OpenSSL library has put at stake the private login information of users when they connect to the Internet. This vulnerability, called Heartbleed, has affected thousands of websites.

To check if your system and the applications on your device are secure regarding Heartbleed, you can now download Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner free for Android.

Thus, you can scan the device to find out your risk of undergoing attacks due to Heartbleed. It's recommendable to stop using the services and programs affected, at least until they are patched.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.3.
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