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BluePad is a tool with which you can control your computer by means of Bluetooth technology. Take control of your computer wirelessly thanks to BluePad

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Nowadays, almost all mobile phones have Bluetooth, this wireless technology has some rather good aspects and allows the creation of programs like BluePad with which we can easily control any computer. If you can connect them both by Bluetooth, you'll be able to control your PC wirelessly.

  Once you have installed the software on your Linux distribution, it will recognize your Bluetooth connection before starting, and it will remain listening, this is when you'll have to install and launch the small Java program on your mobile phone. And that's it, on your mobile's screen you'll be able to see all the options available.

  BluePad is a really good software to carry out presentations, having your phone in your hand and controlling how the slides are shown with it, it is also a great solution to have a remote control when it comes to playing any film,... There are thousands of options that we can control thanks to the simple use of a mobile phone with Java support and a Bluetooth connection.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have a PC with a Bluetooth connection to launch this program.
J. Rocha y V. Valério
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