BlueScreenView provides a list with all the "blue screens of death" that the computer has suffered. Download BlueScreenView and analyze all this information

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The "Blue Screen of Death" is a classic of the Windows operating system, that happens when something goes wrong, and it forces us to reboot the computer. When this happens, various files are generated with information about the incident and what has caused it. BlueScreenView analyzes all these files and shows us a list with the "Blue Screen" that we have suffered, together with all the information ordered in a table.

Find out what each blue screen is all about

For each "Blue Screen" the program shows the name of the file, the date and the time of the incident, the information shown on the "Blue Screen" and the details of the controller or the model that may have caused it. What may seem like a geek pastime, is really a useful tool to locate (and consequently trying to solve) the conflicts that make our computer fail. Thus we will be able to identify which modules or controllers are destabilizing our operating system.

Download BlueScreenView, the tool that provides us with important information to try to prevent "Blue Screens of Death".

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