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Blustone is an exciting action-packed RPG with a cool storyline, creative steampunk designs, apocalyptic worlds and lots of charismatic characters

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The developers of VisualShower Corp. invite us to participate in this beautiful adventure with anime aesthetics full of battles with monsters, lots of action and characters with very neat and stylish designs. Blustone is designed to be a refreshing alternative to traditional RPGs, offering an innovative experience and a tap-style game with over 60 unique and memorable characters.

Unleash your adventure in this RPG adventure with over 60 unique hunters full of personality!

Create your team of invincible hunters

The game starts when the main character ends up in the snow in an inhospitable place. He soon gets rid of a few monsters, but suddenly a mysterious boy appears who seems to be his double and beats him. Before this mysterious double can finish off the main character, hunters come into action to save his neck.

Throughout this epic adventure, we can travel the continent of Ice, full of treasures and hidden truths, as we travel aboard a large aircraft and recruit unique hunters to form the strongest team. Do you have the skills to become the captain of the hunters?

A different game system

This game stands out for its great gameplay and exquisite graphics with anime style. The story unfolds through conversations in which we can choose the answer we think appropriate. From time to time, we will find wonderfully created animations that have a very peculiar feature: the possibility to see the length of the video we are watching.

To fight we only have to tap and tap the screen. You can switch an exhausted character to one of your ship's characters at any time by dragging them to the door. The best strategy is to watch your opponent's symbol (rock, paper or scissors) to choose the most appropriate character. Also, each of them has a frenzy mode and unique abilities or special attacks. On the battle screen, characters appear as cute big-headed hunters, changing the stylized design of the conversations and cinematic.

Additionally, you can train your team at the Hunter Gym to make your hunters stronger, join other captains at Audrey's bar to form guilds, customize your characters with costumes, take part in PvP battles, and buy items in a curious shop. And all this with the collaboration of 22 famous Japanese voice actors (seiyuu) that will ring a bell to most people, like Rie Takahashi or Hiroyuki Kagura.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
VisualShower Corp.
3 months ago
1 GB

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