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Body Temperature Diary is a convenient application for recording body temperature which allows you to keep track over time of your condition and heart rate

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You may have a chronic medical condition that requires you to keep track of your body temperature continuously. So, an application like Body Temperature Diary might be very useful for you. As its name suggests, it will serve as a diary to write down your body's temperature records and when you have suffered a fever.

Control your temperature and heart rate

The application offers a user-friendly system for recording temperature and heart rate as many times as necessary, also indicating the dates and times you recorded both indicators. Then, you can see a record over time showing your evolution. These kinds of apps may be especially useful in cases such as COVID-19, for example, because they force patients to keep tight control of their symptoms.

These are the main features of BTD:

  • Data privacy.
  • Simple and intuitive design.
  • Quick and easy capture of the data provided by the body.
  • Option to add tags to find records more easily as well as notes indicating important aspects of the time when the data was recorded.
  • Diagrams and statistics to track data across long periods.
  • Data can be exported to CSV format for further processing in databases.
  • No Internet connection required.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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