Download Boks right now free of charge and get hold of a user interface that suits the CSS Blueprint perfectly. Lay out webpages with Boks for Adobe Air

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Boks is an application developed with Adobe AIR technology that CSS style sheet professionals shouldn't miss out on. Boks offers a graphical user interface to work with the CSS Blueprint framework.

With Boks you can drag and drop elements on the interface, export CSS code in different standards, create and preview contents on the program itself or on any web browser... If you're interested in a very visual grid system to lay out webpages, you'll be interested in Boks.

Features of Boks

  • Graphical interface to layout webpages with Blueprint.
  • Reestablish CSS code and eliminate differences between browsers.
  • Complete printing styles management system.
  • Create forms easily.
  • Multiplatform software.

Boks is an intuitive and practical tool for people looking for the way to lay out webpages in a graphical manner. Download Boks for free and make the most of its intuitive columns system.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Adobe AIR.
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