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Book Hunter is a practical application to catalog book collections. After you download Book Hunter you will have all the information about your books

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Have you got a large book collection? Do you want to control which you have read and which you haven't? Can't you remember who you lent a specific book to? These are some of the things that Book Hunter can help you with.

Simple and easy-to-use

From a minimalistic interface that is very easy-to-use, Book Hunter will allow you to catalog all your book collection, with the possibility to add such fundamental data as the author, the publisher or even the cover, with the possibility to import all this data from the database of important Internet websites like ISB or Amazon.

What's more, Book Hunter will allow you to divide the collections into lists, in such a way that it will be a lot easier to find a specific book, and it has a powerful search engine with filters, so that it will be possible to search for books that belong to specific genres or to an author that you like.

Who has my book?

On the other hand, Book Hunter can also be used as a tool to control who you have lent your books to, because each of the book entries has a specific area that has been designated for this purpose.

In other words, if you are looking for a tool with which you will be able to catalog all your book collection free of charge, Book Hunter is the solution.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This program requires an active Internet connection to access the IBS and Amazon databases.
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