With BookShelf you will be able to approach your text files in a different way, making the most of the old book aspect it can apply. Download BookShelf free

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BookShelf is the ideal application to resort to enjoying any of the short stories, tales and books that we can find on the Internet without having to use a general text processor or a PDF file viewer. If we want to make the most of any literary passage in a totally different way, we can use BookShelf

Turn your documents to old-school book pages

It's a simple application that will apply a somewhat peculiar aspect to any text file that we have stored on our hard drive, in such a way that it will seem as if we were viewing a real book on the screen of our computer.

The program's interface simulates an old BookShelf, from which we'll be able to choose which title we want to read. The application will allow us to configure the aspect, from the background color to the font that is used, and even ranging as far as the graphic environment's decoration.

It has to be said that BookShelf is really a very simple tool, something that makes it ideal for all users, because it doesn't require any type of configuration to be used. Discover the program that is going to change the way that you enjoy any text in a matter of seconds.

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Antony Peel
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