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March 10, 2010
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Play Toad is one of the most popular puzzle, strategy and adventure game websites to download games from Internet, it offers its users hundreds of different titles, that can try tried out before being bought and, thanks to this, always be sure that we like what we have bought.

  If we don't want to move around the website in search of the ideal game, and always have the executable disorganized on our PC, one of our best options could be to download BoontyBox Play Toad, because it is a game manager that allows us to access the games that we have bought as well as the demos that we want to try from a single interface.

  Together with each title we will be able to view the data that will let us know if our demo period has expired, if there is any update available or if any game related with those that are installed has been launched.

  If you want to discover new games each day and maintain them perfectly organized by means of a comfortable manager, download and install BoontyBox Play Toad on your computer.

Requirements and additional information:

It is necessary to have a connection to Internet to be able to download games. It doesn't work under Windows 7.
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