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With Bootchart you will have detailed information about all the processes started when you boot your Linux. Bootchart shows the information graphically

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To be able to make the most of our computer's performance, we have to pay special attention to the boot operation. During this procecure, several processes are started, and it's advisable to know their efficiency. In this sense, Bootchart is a tool for Linux that will provide us with all the data necessary.

Complete audit of the system's boot

Bootchart is capable of monitoring Linux's boot operation and gathering information about the processes started. The time they take or the order in which they do so, and even the resources used, are some of the aspects covered by this program. This tool runs in the background and the information gathered is first stored on memory and, once the boot has finished, it is shown statistically on a chart in PNG, SVG or EPS image output format. This information can later be used to optimize your operating system, and you'll be able to access it from /var/log/bootchart.


  • Analysis of the system's boot process.
  • Detailed report shown as a timeline.
  • Three different output formats (PNG, SVG and EPS).

With Bootchart you'll be able to analyze and audit Linux's boot dependencies and the general use of its resources.

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