Programmers can download Bouml for free, a UML 2 system modeling tool to specify and generate code in different languages. Bouml is the perfect UML 2 tool

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If you're a developer or programmer you may be interested in a free modeling tool like Bouml. It's a UML 2 tool developed to specify and create code in several languages: C++, Java, IDL, PHP and Python, and furthermore, all of them simultaneously. Bouml is also capable of carrying out inverse engineering.

  The software doesn't require a large amount of memory, so it runs very quickly and is agile. Moreover, it is expandable, meaning that is is possible to develop external tools in C++ or Java using Bouml. These external tools are known as plug-outs.

  Bouml also allows you to work with UML 2 and has support for a large amount of diagrams. It can also generate documentation in several formats like XML or HTML.

  If you're looking for a UML 2 tool, Bouml can be an ideal option. Its great features and the fact that it's free thanks to the GPL license make it a really worthy alternative for this task. Download Bouml for free, it's the ideal solution to model software systems.
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