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Become the manager of a successful bowling alley in Bowling Idle, a colorful incremental game application for Android devices with a very modern design

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Do you like bowling? This sports game, from the Bowling App studio, offers us an alternative experience related to the world of bowling since we will not have to demonstrate our skills with marksmanship, but our skills as a resource manager.

Manage your own bowling business

Bowling Idle is a very simple game of incremental or idle type. Our job will be to invest the profits of our bowling room to improve our services and generate more money. This way, as the characters throw the balls, we can improve three aspects in each alley:

  • Speed (maximum 100).
  • Earnings per pin down (maximum 100).
  • Number of pins (maximum 10).

In addition, we also have the opportunity to slide our finger across the screen when the character is about to throw the ball to accelerate the speed of the throw. We will be able to improve these parameters in each alley that we unlock as we level up. Each alley has a different design in terms of characters, scenery, and pins, so discovering new alleys becomes an additional attraction to the game.

Run your bowling alley and become the richest manager!

The game will continue to collect money while we are not playing, and we can triple those amounts if we watch an ad. On the other hand, the graphic section is very cool, offering us a quite peculiar and colorful two-dimensional art. The music is also pretty fun, although it can get a bit repetitive.

It is a simple and easy-going game, but it is tremendously addictive. And since we only have to touch buttons on the screen, it can be very relaxing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Bowling App
6 months ago
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