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Box is a cloud service to store anything and access it from wherever we are. Save all your documents online to be able to carry them around with you

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Remember those old floppy disks you used to carry around with you with a capacity that nowadays seems ridiculous? Back then we could store hundreds of games, adventures, and programs on hardly 1 MB. We'd have gone absolutely mad if we had known that nowadays we've GB and TB of space to save as much data as we want. Computers with industrial memories, cards to save billions of photos and external hard drives piled up in drawers. And without forgetting about pages of the likes of Box, a file exchange web service that runs on the cloud so that you can access all your files wherever you go, provided that you've got an Internet connection.

Box allows you to save, share and edit all your files wherever you are.

But not only will we have the chance to store files, but also to create them, edit them, manage them, view them, and share them. Box works on both mobiles and PC, and there's also a desktop program called Box Sync to synchronize your account on different devices. The free version offers up to 10 GB of free space with a maximum of 250 MB per file. Is your DropBox full? Here's a decent solution.

How to use Box on the cloud?

Making the most of all the potential features of Box is going to take you some time, but its basic functioning couldn't be any easier. You've only got to drag and drop the files or folders to the main screen or upload them with the Load button. Once uploaded, from the menu we can carry out loads of different actions:

  • Share it through a link or by email.
  • Download it.
  • Bookmark it as a favorite.
  • Move it or copy it.
  • Delete it.
  • Manage the shared use.
  • Examine its properties.
  • Manage actions on applications.

From each file, we can insert notes and assign tasks, which will be very useful when we're working collaboratively on the same file with teammates. If we click on the New button, we can create:

  • Folders.
  • Quick notes (similar to WordPad).
  • Bookmarks.
  • Word documents.
  • PowerPoint documents.
  • Excel spreadsheets.
  • Google documents.
  • Google sheets.

Another cool possibility offered by this web is to install applications in your account to make it more complete, such as Box Edit, to edit files straight from your Box. And you can also access your history to check the movements of your account minute by minute, and configure notifications to tell you if somebody's shared something with your or if you've been assigned a task on a certain file. It also includes a search engine to help you find whatever you need.

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