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Boxer is an emulator for MS-DOS games for Apple computers. Download Boxer free to be able to play some of the greatest video games of all times once again

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The MS-DOS operating system by Microsoft was used by the vast majority of developers to launch the most important titles of the 90s, because until that appearance of Windows 98 the games still used this classic system.

Now, thanks to Boxer the users will have the opportunity to play these great titles once again, because it allows the possibility to emulate the operating system with any kind of problem all together.

Access the games as if they were on a shelf.

Using Boxer is very simple, because by means of a simple interface, it allows the user to access a virtual library where he will be able to view the games that form part of the collection, import ROM files from an optical disc or launch ROM from the hard drive.

Once the user selects the game that he wants to play, all that will be necessary will be to click twice to open it and start playing. Moreover, due to the power of modern computers, in hardly a few seconds they will be loaded.

Download Boxer on a computer to be able to play the great classic video games once again, with titles like Ultima Underworld or X-COM.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download only includes the ROM of various game demos.
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above.
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