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Braid is a platform game in which manipulating time is an essential element. Move time forwards or backwards to be able to solve the challenges of Braid

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Braid is a game in which Tim, a young man in love with a princess, will have to repair all the errors of his past to be able to get back with her. Tim will encounter all of these errors as a series of puzzles that he must solve.

Time is very important

Despite being a platform game, in Braid the main factor to take into account is actually time manipulation, because it is the key aspect for the player to be able to help Tim to complete his objective and finally get back together with the princess.

The graphics of Braid are similar to those of a freehand drawing with many colors, which have been animated once finished, giving the screen a very colorful and nice aspect. Furhtermore, these graphics normally include small clues as to what has to be done to complete the game.

Create your own levels and puzzles.

On the other hand, Braid includes a level editor which will allow the player to create his own levels for the game and share them on the Internet so that other players can enjoy them.

If you want to take part in an adventure where your power of deduction and puzzle solving will be put to the test, you only have to download the demo of Braid.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo version only allows you to play a small portion of the game.
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