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Put your intelligence to the test. In Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles you need use all your wittiness to find the solutions and draw them on the screen

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Who doesn't like those riddles in which you're given a problem and a few tools to solve them? Following this line of thought, the guys behind Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles developed this Android game in which you'll have to put your thinking cap on to find the answers to the puzzles posed.

Any design you draw will become a physical object that can be inteacted with during the game.

Simple design, complex experience

We're talking about a simple game in which the gaming experience and the mental workout are the most important elements. That's why the designers have left out any unnecessary elements and just offer us an adventure in which strategy is more important than graphics. However, they should have put some more effort into the soundtrack that could put anybody to sleep. The same goes for the translation, worthy of the Chinese version of Google Translate. There are three modes of non-stop entertainment:

  • Map 1. Open from the beginning of the game with 140 screens.
  • Map 2. Unlocked when you to level 30 and spending 90 stars or 17,500 coins.
  • Map 3. Also unlockable on level 30 after paying 90 stars or 18,000 coins.

As you can see, you'll have to earn the access to the different levels on this video game. The puzzles aren't easy to solve and gradually get even more difficult. Once you download the game, you'll soon notice how you start getting frustrated on certain screens.

Try to find the answer by yourself.

On the first map, you'll have to try to put a box inside the trailer of a truck that you'll drive around. On the second map, your target will be to match two balls. On the third one, you have to get some logs into your vehicle. To reach your goal you can only use your fingers and your imagination. Whatever you draw will become a physical object, such as a ramp, a weight, etc. that you can use to solve the mystery hidden on that screen. There are several ways to complete each stage so don't just stick to one of them.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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