To unlock Frank, all we can do is open Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, and Megaboxes. These boxes can be obtained in three ways:

  • By completing the Trophy Road, where the reward is sometimes one of these boxes.
  • By progressing along the trophy trail of the season (with the Brawl Pass activated the chances are increased).
  • By buying gems with real money and redeeming them for boxes at the game store.

Keep in mind that Frank is an epic brawler, and that means he has a 0.5472% chance of appearing in an ordinary Brawl Box. If we open a Big Box, the possibilities are tripled, and if we open a Mega Box, the possibilities are multiplied by 10. Even so, as you can see, the probability of him appearing will still be quite low, although he is a little easier to get than a legendary brawler.

What makes Frank so wanted? Well, in short, he is a beast. He is capable of taking a huge amount of damage, while his attacks can drain lots of life from his opponents in one blow. His disadvantage is that he is very slow, but in the hands of someone who knows what to do, he is absolutely devastating.

Frank is what is known in Brawl Stars as a heavyweight, characters whose mechanics are very similar to those of tanks in role-playing games, which means they can take a huge amount of damage and serve as a defensive element of a team.