To start taking the first steps in Brawl Stars, it is advised to adhere to a series of common-sense rules, detailed below.

If you just got here, make the most of Shelly

Shelly is the initial brawler of the game and is the most recommended for those who have just started. She is very well balanced, fast, versatile, and fantastically efficient at short and medium distances. It is within these parameters that most of the action occurs during a game, and you should learn to deal with them well before moving on to other types of characters.

Shelly’s brawler pageShelly’s brawler page

For now, avoid all other classes, especially the support classes. You need to become especially familiar with the mechanics of the game, so you should avoid any character that does not have enough hit points or enough damage capability.

Be smart on how to improve your characters

A common mistake that all players in the world make (whether in this game or others) is thinking that we need to have extremely strong characters that can be used in any situation. And, while this is not bad, it is certainly not completely efficient.

Button to improve a brawlerButton to improve a brawler

Do you want to have characters as strong as possible? That is nice, but there is one golden rule that you must consider (and that works pretty well): find out which brawlers work best for you for the different game modes and focus on improving them (at least until they are capable enough).

Improving characters with no strategy will only make you waste coins that might come in handy later. Keep this in mind.

Get to know every brawler in detail

As we said, certain brawlers can be better or worse for different game modes. This can be observed during our games. Some statistics determine that, for instance, Frank is much more effective in Brawl Ball than Pam. It is important to know which character is best suited for each type of game and bear it in mind.

Brawler selection pageBrawler selection page

Also, it is a good idea to try to get the most out of every new brawler you get, so that you are clear about their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. You will also have a much clearer idea of how to use the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of your opponents and avoid being knocked down, and you will be able to develop a starting strategy much more quickly.

You will have time to experience it all, focus on getting to know the game, and learning about the different modes it has four you.

Being the star player is no longer important

One of the many aspects that have changed since Brawl Stars became a global phenomenon is the issue of the star player. Some time ago, being the best in your team (and therefore in the game) meant winning star tokens, which you could then trade for a Big Box.

The team’s star playerThe team’s star player

Considering that Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, and Megaboxes now appear as part of the prizes that can be achieved by completing objectives throughout a season (another concept added to Brawl Stars), being the star player no longer makes sense for leveling up (or getting new brawlers).

Today, the only use of being the star player is to raise your overall experience level (not the particular level of your character) and the right to boast about it.