To start winning games as soon as you land in the Brawl Stars arena, follow the tips below.

Try to be a balanced player

By "balanced" we mean trying to always keep a good balance between defense and attack. In the first stages of the game, you will be limited to one or two arenas at most, and the first one is Gem Grab.

You will also play this scenario in the game that marks the end of the tutorial, so (of course) you will want to grab on your own all the gems that appear. Well, do not do it. It is of little use for your team that, if you have all the necessary gems to win the stage, you get eliminated and they have to start all over again. Or, worse, the opposing team wins.

It is also useless having the highest kill count if it does not help you win. Try to work on all the tasks of the stage. It takes some time, but you will learn how to do it.

Do not be afraid of being killed

Brawl Stars is a shooting game, so you will end up dying sooner rather than later. Do not be afraid of that: try to develop strategies that let you take as little damage as possible, but your character will inevitably be eliminated at some point.

It does not mean you should go full kamikaze mode. You should not be afraid of dying in Brawl Stars, but your team still needs you. You will learn when to retreat to regain some health so you can return to the front line.

Do not lose sight of the stage or teammates.

The situation of your team in the arena is very important. For example, the best way to force a direct confrontation that ends with casualties on the enemy side is to lure them to the center of the stage. There are also spaces where you can hide and heal, and that are worth learning how to use because they are also great for setting up an ambush (this is especially important in Survival mode).

Also, keep in mind that your teammates will need you at some point or another. Keep an eye on what they are doing somewhere else on the map and help them if the situation gets dangerous.

Divide and rule

This phrase should become a rule when you play Brawl Stars. The best way to destabilize the enemy is to try to get them to attack you separately, this way, their strength and firepower will be greatly reduced.

The best way to achieve it is by splitting up on the battlefield, so it helps to have created a playgroup or play with friends you can easily communicate with. Remember that strategies are best planned as a team, and for that, it is very important that you have a regular group.