Siege mode is, along with Heist, the mode that brings Brawl Stars closest to the objectives of a MOBA or tower defense game. There is a turret at each end of the arena that the players of each team will try to destroy while defending their own.

This turret is something special. As well as being the target to be destroyed and defended, it works like a factory that releases siege robots on the map from time to time. How strong or weak these robots will depend on the number of screws you have delivered to the machine. These screws appear on the map, and you can identify when they will come out thanks to a bright grey area appearing on the ground.

Once the robot is free, it will go straight for the enemy turret while trying to destroy everything that gets in its way. Now, for this to happen, you will have to pick up more screws than your opponent. If you are tied, you will have to wait until the next wave.

The best brawlers for siege mode

  • Jessie can place a turret at will, this makes it especially useful for defense or attack situations.
  • Bull and Darryl move very fast when activating the super attack, so picking up screws thanks to them is a little easier.
  • El Primo and Frank absorb damage very well, so surviving long enough to get the collected screws to your base will be easier.
  • Pam can place her turret near the base so that the allies can easily heal to defend the tower.
  • 8Bit can be very useful too, as its turret doubles the damage of those in its area of effect.