To put it in perspective, the Brawl Stars Survival or Showdown mode is just that, the way Supercell introduces the Battle Royale to its own game. This mode can be played alone or cooperatively, although the rewards if you manage to win in either mode, will be the same: 34 coins and 10 trophies. It is worth noting that this is the only Brawl Stars game mode where the rewards vary according to your ranking (the lower you are in the ranking, the fewer prizes you will get).

This mode is simple: you start on a stage designed to fight everyone on sight, where you will find different chests. For every chest you break, you will collect a gem of power, the same goes for every brawler you eliminate. After a while, a toxic green mist will start to appear at the edges of the stage, forcing you to move towards the center of the map. If this mist catches you, you will die quickly.

Depending on the event, Showdown can sometimes have special features, such as meteors falling into an area of the stage, or energy drinks that increase the size, life points, and damage points of your character. These special features are completely random, and you may occasionally come across maps where nothing special happens.

How to win in survival mode

First things first: you have to be clear that if you are playing it with a brawler you just got, it is still too weak to be able to win the challenge. That is why we recommend you to break one of these chests as soon as possible:

Power gem chestsPower gem chests

And then, hide in the bushes and wait for someone to come by. Always try to place yourself in an area that is frequently used as a road, and where you have enough range of motion to avoid being easily found:

Showdown mode hideoutsShowdown mode hideouts

Obviously, you must accumulate as many gems of power as possible. The more you have, the more damage you will deal, and the more life points you will have. If your brawler is already powerful, break a few chests and go find some enemies to destroy. Try to learn to retreat on time, before it is too late. This mode rewards being kamikaze a bit, but you should not push your luck too far.

Finally, this mode is played with all kinds of characters. However, the best characters for the Showdown are Bull (for the immense amount of damage he can absorb and for the damage he deals at close range), and Shelly (who is very versatile). In general, heavyweights work well in this mode.