We have already commented on other occasions that the star powers are passive abilities that help our characters achieve certain benefits. What we have not yet determined is which of these powers is the best. Well, let's talk about the ones we think can really help us during a game.

Let us clarify that the list does not follow any order of preference. Our criteria have been based on mentioning those powers that we consider to be the most relevant to help you during the game:

  • Band-aid (Shelly): when Shelly's health drops below 40%, she automatically returns to the full life bar. This skill recharges every 20 seconds.
  • Steel hoops (Darryl): By executing his special attack, Darryl reinforces his outer structure, giving him a 40% reduced damage intake for 3.5 seconds.
  • Home run (Bibi): this brawler receives a secondary bar, called the home run bar. When loaded, you will receive a large increase in your movement capacity.
  • Da capo! (Poco): All Poco attacks will cause your team's brawlers to regain 500 health points.
  • Balls of fire (Penny): The cannonballs from Penny's turret set fire to the ground for three seconds. Enemies within the area of effect suffer 400 points of damage per second.
  • Socky (Jessie): Jessie's turret now fires orbs of energy that bounce off enemies and can hit multiple targets.
  • Creepy harvest (Mortis): Mortis "harvests" the vital essence of a brawler he has just defeated, recovering 1200 life points.
  • Plant life (Rosa): by hiding in a bush, Rosa recovers 200 health points per second.
  • Magic puffs (Gene): Gene cures all the allies around him 200 health points per second.
  • Magnum special (Colt): The attack range and bullet speed of Colt's main shot are increased by 11%.