Breevy is a tool to configure shortcuts that can be used to launch applications and write texts. Download Breevy to save time and effort on your PC

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Can you imagine writing a full paragraph on your computer by pressing three letters of your keyboard? That is possible with Breevy. It is a simple application that allows to establish shortcuts that carry out specific actions. There for, you will be able to launch Photoshop by simply pressing the letters ph.

Main actions that you can carry out

  • Launch applications.
  • Write texts.
  • Access websites by means of the browser.

Breevy can come in very handy if you often write many texts at a time, for example, when writing electronic mail. You will be able to configure that by writing the abbreviation "inf" you will obtain a specific paragraph with all the information of your choice, like for example an address. Thus you will be able to work a lot quicker, and also make sure that all the times that you write this information it will be totally correct.


Breevy is very intuitive and easy-to-use. The shortcuts are shown in a list, with the description and the action that they launch. You can create a new shortcut or a new application launcher. You can also configure Breevy to fulfill each shortcut only if you press a specific key after inputting the shortcut, so as to make sure that a shortcut doesn't activate due to an error.

Try Breevy and receive a very good performance on your computer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used during 30 days.
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