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Browser Cleaner deletes any trail left behind after your Internet activity. Download Browser Cleaner and eliminate the history and other navigation data

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There are various reasons why you may be interested in deleting your Internet activity. Personal privacy and security are two of them and, together with the optimization of your computer's performance, they may be the most important that exist. When you download Browser Cleaner, you will have a totally free tool to maintain all the websites that you visit private, as well as getting rid of other private information.

Using Browser Cleaner can come in handy to the user in two different ways:

  • It increases the security and privacy of the computer, because it eliminates information like the history file and the cookies, which are stored while browsing the Internet.
  • It optimizes how the PC works, because it deletes data that accumulates day after day, and that can slow down the system.

This program is compatible with browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Avant Browser. Furthermore, it is also capable of getting rid of the private information that is stored by instant messaging applications (like AOL, ICQ, Pidgin or Yahoo! Messenger) or peer-to-peer programs (like Ares, eDonkey, eMule and LimeWire).

But not only that, Browser Cleaner deletes the cache, the logs and other temporary files from dozens of programs, thus it is a solution worth taking into account when it comes to removing all the unnecessary files that slow down your computer.

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