Browser Guard

2011 3.0.1009

Browser Guard is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that protects against JavaScript attacks. With Browser Guard you will be able to increase your security

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This utility, developed by Trend Micro, allows you to include new security functions for the Microsoft browser that increase the user's protection when browsing the Internet. Thus it is possible to identify malicious websites that could infect your computer by means of the JavaScript code.

  Browser Guard has a Zero Day vulnerability prevention system, being capable of protecting against malicious JavaScript code thanks to its innovating advanced heuristic and emulation technologies. This software analyzes the websites in search of malicious code, that's added to the web pages on many occasions hoping to infect computers with a vulnerable browser.

  The program is updated constantly to guarantee a complete protection thanks to the users contributions. Its real-time protection system doesn't enter in conflict with other antivirus applications, something that comes in very handy, because it avoids bothersome compatibility problems.

  Furthermore, Browser Guard is compatible with other products by the company, something that provides a higher degree of security when you browse the Internet.
Trend Micro, Inc.
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