Download BrowserLinux for free, a Linux distribution optimized to browse the Internet. BrowserLinux also has a player, editor and other interesting elements

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There's a large amount of distributions of the Linux operating system developed for all kinds of tasks. If your sole purpose is to browse the Internet, BrowserLinux may be the distribution that you are looking for.

BrowserLinux is a Linux distribution that has been specially designed to browse the Internet. Its reduced size, barely 100 MB, will allow you to take it anywhere as if it were a portable program and launch it on almost any computer taking full advantage of the few resources that it requires.


  • Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux, a mini-distribution of the OS.
  • Includes Firefox 5.0.1, Flash 10.3, file explorer, PDF document reader, music player, calculator, FTP client and server, simple text editor...
  • It has an installation assistant and a package manager with which you can handle everything.

A small and quick Linux distribution to browse the web.

Less can be more

Users don't always require complete operating systems to work. On certain occasions it can come in very handy to have a distribution like BrowserLinux on your pendrive, in such a way that you can use it whenever you want. BrowserLinux is quicker and also includes all the basic and essential tools.

Download BrowserLinux for free and get hold of an OS that is very small, with everything that you need, and specially optimized to browser the Internet.

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