0.9.1 If you can't access a file, you just might be able to thanks to BruteForcer. Find out the password for any kind of file once you download BruteForcer
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BruteForcer is a program that will do anything possible to find out the password of any file. Furthermore, BruteForcer makes use of the distributed computing techniques to decrypt it. How? By simply creating a server and allowing various client PCs to process data until they find out the password of the chosen file.

Get the password of any protected file

Thanks to the fact that it is designed to support plugins, it is very easy to optimize how it works to be able to know the password very quickly. As of now, the plugin used it the most advanced to be able to find out the password of a RAR file, but any programmer will be able to create their own and publish it without problems.

Clearly, distributed computing is the most powerful way in which a file protected by password may be attacked, because the most power (amount of clients) that it obtains, the quicker it will be able to try all the possible combinations.

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Antony Peel
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