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Is the picture in the living room crooked? Do you want to put a shelf up? Bubble Level offers us a digital level if we don't have the tool at hand

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You never know when you will need a level to put something straight, build something or assemble something correctly. And, just when you need it, you don't have one handy. Until now, since the studio PixelProse SARL (specialized in basic and useful tools) offers us a virtual level so that we always have this tool in our pocket.

Put that picture straight

Bubble Level is a simple digital level tool for mobile devices. This way, we will only need our cell phone or tablet to calibrate objects or put them straight. It has three types of measurements:

  • Angle.
  • Tilt.
  • Roof inclination.

Depending on the option we choose, the interface will show us a classic bubble or spirit level. This will allow us to place an object in horizontal position or know its inclination in degrees. And to use it, we only have to support one of the edges of our device or its back surface.

Hold any of the four sides of the phone against an object to do the level test.

Obviously, this is a very useful app and, if we don't have a level at hand, we can always make do. However, we will have to take into account the curved surfaces of our smartphone, since that can cause errors in the measurements.

Requirements and additional information:
Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
PixelProse SARL
6 months ago
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