Keep track of your family expenses with Buddi, an accounting program that keeps track of all your money movements. Download Buddi free on your computer

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Buddi is the ideal tool to be able to keep track of all economic movements, prepared to be able to easily keep the accounts of any family, being specially handy when it comes to cutting costs.

Even though economic rules and nomenclatures are rather odd for the majority of people, the truth is that Buddi tries to make things as easy possible for all those users that aren't used to this kind of jargon. With this software, we will be able to complete a manual or automatic registry of the wages, loans and monthly, weekly and even daily budgets.

Home economy on your PC

Logically, Buddi can generate reports and graphs about the existing funds and the transactions that have taken place to see how our economy is doing and see the fluctuation of the expenses. This is very interesting because as we see our saving increase it will normally encourage us to increase them even more.

The advantage of being able to elaborate budgets is that we will be able to know if we are being realistic in what regards to the expenses that we are going to have, or if we have to modify our forecasts. Balancing budgets has always been complicated, but with Buddi is will be easier.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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