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Build with Chrome allows you to build constructions made of LEGO blocks. In Build with Chrome you will have to fit in all the pieces on a 3D plane

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If you're a LEGO fan, you have a reason to celebrate, because you can now have fun with a simple construction game for Google's web browser: Build with Chrome. In this game you'll have a 3D plane on which you have to fit in the blocks of the extremely well-known construction game.

You can now play with LEGO thanks to Google.

In Build with Chrome we can build 3D constructions, to which we can add elements such as doors and windows. You have tools to rotate the pieces and fit them into the position of your choice, as well as being able to zoom in and out, and rotate the plane to your own liking.


  • 3D plane to build with LEGO blocks.
  • Possibility to rotate the blocks.
  • Tool to place the plane in the right view and zoom in or out.
  • Ten different colors to choose from.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for some of the actions.
  • Share your creations on Google+.

Build your LEGO constructions from your browser with this LEGO for Google Chrome and without installing any software.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It's recommendable to use Google Chrome. although it also works on certain versions of Firefox.
  • You need a Google+ user account to share your constructions.
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