BumpTop is an application that converts your desktop in a 3D environment. Download BumpTop free on your PC and see how your computer screen gains more depth

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In our room we keep all our papers in tidy piles and in drawers, and we even place sticky notes on the walls. Why don't we do the same thing with the Windows desktop?

  Bearing in mind this original idea, BumpTop proposes an innovating 3D desktop on which we can order the elements as we would in real life. The effect that it manages is really incredible, a different and intuitive way of organizing in piles or if we decide so sticking to the wall all the elements that form it.

  As well as giving our screen depth, BumpTop includes interesting features like the possibility to write notes, associate actions like print or send the mail to mouse gestures, and adding widgets to access web applications like Twitter or Facebook.

  The power of this 3D desktop is clearly multiplied if we happen to have a touchscreen, because it will allow us to do things with the icons (order them with a finger movement, send them to an application,...), the images and even slideshows.

  BumpTop is configured easily and it includes several themes that can be increased by those contributed by the users. Logically it requires a rather good graphics card and it will take some resources from our PC, but it should be perfectly acceptable for any computer that can run Windows Vista.

  A new brilliant and interesting way of working with the PC that everyone should try out.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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