Burg is a fork of Gurb, the operating system loader that is used most by users worldwide. Nevertheless, its interface is a lot more appealing. Download Burg

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Burg is an operating system loader with a very graphic interface. If you are one of those people that uses Grub (that is usually included in many distributions). You will see how the change is really enormous. The story of Burg is linked directly to the development of Grub2, being a program that occupies a fork of it.

  With the graphic evolution that the operating systems are undergoing, the truth is that the startup loaders were becoming stagnant. A black background with white letters contrasts a lot with the work that Windows, Linux and any other modern operating system are taking in what regards to their design. That is why, Burg is presented as a great innovation. The loader is based on Grub2 to show a visual, striking and appealing interface with all the options of power that it has.

  Installing this system loader is really simple and its configuration is automatic, it supports more than 50 operating systems and allows to easily modify the Windows system launcher.
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