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If you need a translator for your business, you can resort to Business Translator. Translate between 11 different languages. Download Business Translator

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Business Translator is a software application that is really useful when it comes to translating documents and conversations that are business orientated. Because, if there is one thing that is clear in the current globalized World, it has to be that knowing different languages is very important.

Exploring the Internet and carrying out any business transaction is easier than ever

Under the current circumstances it is very common to have to deal with people that speak Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian, to name a few, as well as English. And on many occasions, even when the business transactions normally take place in English, companies will send legal texts and contracts in foreign languages.

Many translation applications follow very simple rules and include very limited vocabulary databases, with the most common words, but Business Translator takes all of this and adds it to a full new array of words and expressions that are normally only used in business environments.

As well as general text documents (DOC, RTF and TXT), Business Translator can also translate web pages, something that can come in very handy to verify information in a new business associates website.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To work this application requires an Internet connection.
  • This application's trial version can be used for 15 days.
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