Download BuzzSounds for free and chat with your Facebook contacts using all kinds of new sounds, from music to your favorite artists or even using effects

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Many people have a profile on Facebook, and it's quite usual for them to use the chat to exchange messages with their contacts. BuzzSounds is a small tool that integrates with the social network's chat providing it with new and very innovating sounds for our conversations.


  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Adds new sound effects and even music by important artists like Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen or Selena Gomez.
  • Assign a specific sound to each contact.
  • Easy to install and use.

Using BuzzSounds

Once the program's installation has been completed and you open your profile in the browser, you'll see a music note in the bottom right corner of the chat box. By clicking on it you'll be able to open the BuzzSounds configuration panel, that is divided into six different categories:

  • New sounds.
  • Human sounds.
  • Music.
  • Clicks and beeps.
  • Fun sounds.
  • Most popular.

If you have a Facebook profile and you usually use the chat, you have to download BuzzSounds for free: you'll be able to surprise your contacts with a wide range of new sounds to liven up your conversations.

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Antony Peel
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