Become a polyglot with the help of Byki, a great learning software application. Download Byki free on your PC and learn more than 70 different languages

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Byki is a program to learn languages, thanks to which it's possible to remember or start learning more than 74 languages. Thus, if you want a program to learn German, Spanish, or even Zulu, you only have to download Byki for free and start increasing the level of the exercises.

Learn languages from your computer

With a well-developed interface and an aspect that encourages learning, Byki has a large number of cards on which you'll have the possibility to see a term, phrase o verb written, and that you'll have to learn. Furthermore, you'll be able to listen to a recording to learn how to pronounce it in any of the languages that the application offers.

The method used in Byki is based on the repetition and visualization of cards, so it's necessary to spend many hours viewing them, memorizing and learning everything that you want.

Once you download Byki for free, as well as an excellent software application to learn languages you'll obtain a complete statistics manager with which you will be able to see your learning process represented as numbers, so that you can consider if you are really learning at the pace that you want.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires an active Internet connection.
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