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Bzip2 is one of the best compressors that exist for Linux operating systems. Download Bzip2 for free and make sure to be able to decompress your files

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Over the last few years, the majority of users have seen how the hard drives of their computers have filled up with many different types of files: music, videos, games, etc. And despite the fact that the size of hard drives has also increased, many users still manage to fill them up, making it necessary to have a compression application to help us save space, like Bzip2.

  Bzip2 is a program that has been designed to compete with the best professional compression applications (fact that is clear due to the amount of distributions it forms part of), with regards to the compression percentage, at the same time that it manages to compress the information in nearly half the amount of time taken by the majority of a programs, and decompress even up to four times quicker, something really important.

  So, if you're looking for a new compressor for your current Linux distribution, because you don't like the current one, download Bzip2, and test the speed and compression possibilities that it offers for all sorts of files.
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