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CA Personal Firewall allows you to keep your PC protected against dangerous intrusions. Download CA Personal Firewall to be able to browse very easily

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CA Personal Firewall is a development created with the objective of avoiding the attacks against other computers that come from external connections, thus avoiding that anyone can steal your personal information or that we are affected by malicious websites.

The application works by means of a permissions system that will allow you to adapt it to how you use it, step by step, granting different security levels to each connection, in such a way that a few days after installing the firewall you will be able to browse the Internet with total security, but without having to lose any speed at all.

Protect your PC against intruders

From its main interface it is possible to view the logs in which all the dangerous connection attempts will be stored, deactivate several of the program's functions (in case the application causes any conflict with any of the tools that it uses) or configure how the application behaves against certain kinds of threats.

The graphical appearance is very similar to that of other current protection systems and any user should be able to use this powerful firewall without any kind of problem.

Download CA Personal Firewall and avoid that any kind of dangerous incoming connection can endanger the information stored on your PC.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a limited version.
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Antony Peel
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