Cairo is a toolbar for Windows systems to make life a lot easier. Browse your system with more dynamism thanks to Cairo, download it free now on your PC

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The solutions to make browsing over your system easier and more dynamic are numerous. Cairo is another alternative, in this case, it tries to substitute the classic Windows taskbar for a system that is a lot more innovating and faster.

Transform your Windows desktop

Once installed, Cairo provides the Windows desktop with a topbar like that of the Mac OS. From it, you will be able to reach your files and applications. At the same time, on the bottom margin of your desktop, you will have a new bar where the minimized windows that you have opened will be stored.

The application is also on the development because you can still see many active functionalities. When you launch the software for the first time, Cairo will show a simple configuration panel so that you can determine the appearance.

With Cairo, your Windows desktop will gain possibilities. Make the most of the free Cairo download and apply a new aspect to your desktop.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
Cairo Development Team
Over a year ago
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