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Calibre is without a doubt the best eBook manager available on the current market. Download Calibre for free on your computer to catalog all your eBooks

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With the increase over the last few years of the devices that allow you to read eBooks, the amount of these kinds of books that accumulate on most computers has also increased, thus making it necessary to have a good cataloger, like Calibre.

Catalog your entire collection

The purpose of Calibre is not only to catalog all the books that are stored on a computer's hard drive, it can also be used to catalog all the books that the user has in physical format.

Calibre allows you to include metadata for each book that is added to the database, in such a way that it will be possible to have all the information about the books. Among the data that Calibre allows you to add, the user will be able to find the name of the author, the publisher, ISBN and even the book cover.

The amount of digital formats with which Calibre is compatible is very high, and it covers all the most common formats on the market (ePub, FB2, MOBO, PDF, PRB, PDB,...) and at the same time it offers compatibility with the most important eReaders, so as to be able to synchronize data between the program and the device.

Get your eBooks ready for your device

One of the problems that usually arise when it comes to buying an electronic book is that it isn't compatible with the reader, specially if the reader has been bought abroad. And due to this Calibre includes a format converter to make sure that the user will always have his books in the correct format.

Download Calibre for free and use it to control your whole eBook collection.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the installation of libraries.
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