How to unlock Battle Royale mode in COD Mobile

Unlocking the Battle Royale mode in COD Mobile is very simple, all you have to do is level up to level 7 and it will automatically appear for you to play. Getting to this level is quite easy, with a few matches, you can reach it without too much difficulty, so it will be very convenient for you to learn how to use the controls of COD Mobile before facing a mode in which if you die, you must start over.

How COD Mobile's Battle Royale mode works

COD Mobile's Battle Royale mode is quite "classic", so to speak. The most notable difference from other games of the genre is that there are no constructions, but there is a role system, before each game, it is necessary to choose the role we want to play, with a special ability such as healing in the case of choosing a doctor.

COD Mobile rolesCOD Mobile roles

On a large map, up to 100 players must jump from an airplane and land anywhere on the map. Then, a survival battle game begins, and the last player standing becomes the winner.

Throughout the map, there are several buildings, where all the weapons and ammunition necessary for the game are arranged. To make it easier for players to find each other, the map "closes", leaving a smaller and smaller safe zone. Players outside this safe zone will lose health until they die, so it is important to always move to the safe zone.

COD Mobile's Battle Royale mode lets you play solo or in teams of two, three, or up to four people. In the case of team play, it is important the coordination between the different members, and for this purpose, the game has a voice chat to use in the games.