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Cameroid is an image editing web service to create entertaining montages using your webcam. Take a photo and edit it with the tools offered by Cameroid
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Cameroid is an entertaining web service that allows you to use your webcam to take a photo and then edit the resulting image with several effects.


  • Create entertaining photo montages using your webcam.
  • Apply a wide range of effects and filters to the images.

How to use Cameroid

The website is divided into three different tabs, even though you will only require one of them to carry out the task. As well as the welcome tab, you will have access to the 'Snap' tab, where you can obtain the capture from the webcam. On the right of the image you will have all the effects available. Browse between them to check out what the result is like in real time.

All the images that you create can be stored in your own collection in the Gallery tab. You will see all of them simultaneously on a single page, even though you will have access to the possibility to download them directly to your PC's hard drive.

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Antony Peel
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