Captain Binary


Captain Binary is an action game similar to the classic Metal Slug. In Captain Binary you will have to defeat a set of alien that have invaded Earth

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The Shoot'em Up action game genre has produced some of the most important classics in video game history. From the mythical Commando to Metal Slug. But this time we're going to suggest a more modern game, Captain Binary.

  In this video game with very colorful graphics you will have to help Captain Binary to defeat all the aliens that have invaded Earth. To manage his purpose the captain will have a gun and some grenades at his disposal, but as well as these weapons he will be able to gather more during his adventures.

  But be careful, the aliens are also very well equipped, and they have a full range of weapons available to use, from simple laser guns to all kinds of flying saucers. Despite all this, you always have the possibility to resort to the use of brute force if your enemies get too near.

  Will you be capable of defeating all the aliens and their commanders? Can Captain Binary save the world from that danger? Find out by downloading this great game to your computer, it is free.
Requirements and additional information:
It only works on Windows XP and previous systems.
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