Car Lifter Simulator

In Car Lifter Simulator you'll be able to take care of solving your city's traffic problem. Use your machine to move all these annoying cars out of the way

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Any excuse is good enough to develop a game in which you have to drive a car lifter. For example, plunging a city into chaos to create the perfect setting for Car Lifter Simulator.

The city needs you and your machine

Gangs have taken over your city and have caused a traffic uproar. Thank God you're there with your car lifter to get all those cars of the tarmac and avoid traffic jams and even more accidents. You'll have to overcome loads of different challenges to meet your goals and free the citizens from so much traffic out of control.

You and your car lifter, facing up against danger.

Features of Car Lifter Simulator

  • Drive along open roads.
  • Clear traffic jams.
  • Remove cars that are wrongfully parked.

Prove that you were born to lift cars and put a full stop to all the city's traffic jams.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows 8 or above.
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