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Are you into cars? Would you like to fix them and leave them as good as new? Car Mechanic Simulator 18 invites you to bring out your inner mechanic

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If you are passionate about engines and vehicles, you just have to have this simulator for Android in your device. PlayWay developers offer us a very cool car title that steers away from the classic racing games and focuses on a concept that is very similar to the Fast ‘n Loud TV show. Put your knowledge about mechanics to the test, leave the vehicles as good as new, and get a lot of dough when you sell them.

Become the best car mechanic

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 brings us a fresh proposition with this game in which players have to become the best car mechanics. Your mission is to buy compatible parts, repair, paint, and tune cars galore, whether iconic or conventional hatchbacks.

Repair the engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox, and chassis!

Also, if you are into mechanics, this title offers an extra component over classic racing games in which all you have to do is improve your car to make it the fastest. In this way, you get a much more complete and detailed experience in terms of mechanics. To do this, you will have to repair parts like the engine, the exhaust, the brakes, and even the chassis. You will also have to scratch the rusty parts and then paint them.

Moreover, one of the coolest things about this game is that it breaks engine parts down, facilitating its repair with a very cool and visually attractive scheme. Also, just like in the TV show, you can find classic cars in abandoned sheds. Repair them and become the best car mechanic on Android.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
PlayWay SA
3 months ago
130.6 MB

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