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6.01 Cartoon Maker allows to modify photos. Transform them into impressive drawings. By downloading Cartoon Maker for free you'll be able to do it very quickly
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We have all seen the typical photo booth that you can find in malls and airports that will take a photograph and print it in various styles for a couple of coins. Normally one of these styles is pencil or ink, exactly the two techniques that Cartoon Maker allows us to apply at home.

Cartoon Marker also allows us to modify in a subtle way any photo or image, from widening or narrowing any area with a tool that softens the modifications till it generates spirals with the contents of the image.

Turn your photos into cartoons

This program is only capable of doing these simple tasks, but it accomplishes incredible results, thanks to this we'll be able to have stunning pencil drawings of us or our friends without having to spend money on a photo booth in the nearest mall.

The program's interface is somewhat strange, but once we understand it, it shouldn't be too difficult to use. It's all based on choosing how much the modification has to be noticed, and start clicking wherever we want to apply it. It's very simple and offers outstanding results.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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Antony Peel
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