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Take part in endless clandestine car races where there are no rules and find yourself in police chases with CarX Highway Racing, a game for Android

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This title by CarX Technologies, a studio specializing in car racing games, offers players the possibility to get into the lower depths of the underworld and participate in clandestine races that often end in a police chase. The amazing design and super realistic three-dimensional graphics of this game provide an incredibly lifelike experience.

What is cool about this title is that the races in which you will take part are clandestine. This means there are no rules and you will drive in highways where there is traffic, among other things. And that will not help us to win the friendship of the police.

Drive luxury cars in adrenaline-filled races

As is usual in this type of game, in CarX Highway Racing, you begin your journey with quite a simple car. As you win races and get benefits, you will be able to buy new vehicles and customize the parts you already have (including license plates).

This title also offers several game modes for players to enjoy driving without rules. In addition to the main campaign of the story mode, you can participate in different events, enjoy long road trips in different scenarios (day and night), and measure yourself against other players in multiplayer mode.

Take on many rivals, escape the persecution of the relentless police, and discover countless new roads.

To play, you can choose between the classic arrow keys or the gyroscope in our Android device. Other than that, all you have to do is press the propeller button once it is full, and choose the camera with the point of view that you like best. From there on, enjoy the road and cars.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
CarX Technologies
3 months ago
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